GD2033 EBC Turbo Grooved Front Brake Discs (Pair) Vented 4stud 280mm x 44mm


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GD2033 EBC Turbo Grooved Front Brake Discs (Pair) Vented 4stud 280mm x 44mm

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Turbo Grooved Brake Discs Main Features
  • Wide aperture grooves to prevent dirt from building up so the disc is kept clean minimizing wear
  • Zinc anti-corrosion coated castings stop them rusting, keeping them looking good behind your wheels
  • 100% run out factory inspected
  • Dimple hole construction prevent cracking and warping increasing the life of the discs
Brake Disc Details

Axle: Front, Left, Right
Brake Caliper Type: 
Solid or Vented: Vented
Number of Bolt Holes: 4stud
Diameter: 280mm
Total Height: 44mm
Thickness New/Min: 22/20mm

The latest in sport discs feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air into the braking contact area and reduce temperatures preventing brake fade.

Dimple drilling avoids stress cracks and the thermic black coating provides great looks whilst preventing corrosion.
EBC sport discs now feature reduced 3 slot venting which provides slightly less air noise under heavy braking whilst still maintaining the benefits of cooler running with the full width slot design.

The design of these discs means that some wind noise is observed and if drivers feel they would find this offensive they are advised to select the quieter USR Ultimax series or the EBC plain disc.

Please send us your VIN/Chassis number for your vehicle after purchasing via message or add note during checkout. This information is required so we can process the correct brakes for your vehicle. Without the VIN/Chassis number, your order will be put on hold and not processed.

Please note: Haz Motorsport will not be held liable for any delays due to not receiving the required VIN/Chassis number.

If you have provided your VIN/Chassis number then the majority of EBC Brakes orders are processed straight away. Occasionally, some applications are special order which can usually take up to a lead time of 4 weeks. If there will be any delays in your order you will be informed within 24-48 hours.

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