Ferodo Racing DS2500 Front Brake Pads FCP1667H (Please check brake pad shape)


Ferodo Racing

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Ferodo Racing Front Brake Pads

Please send us your VIN/Chassis number / Caliper Type for your vehicle after purchasing via an ebay message. This information is required so we can process the correct brakes for your vehicle. Without the VIN/Chassis number / Caliper Type, your order will be put on hold for 48 hours. If we still do not receive a response for the required information after 48 hours your order will be canceled and a refund will be processed.

Please note Haz Motorsport will not be held liable for any delays due to not receiving the required information. 

Ferodo Racing Brake Pads Details:

Placement on Vehicle: Front, Right, Left
Caliper Type BREMBO
Notes: Check brake pad shape in drawing. It must match your current pad shape

Ferodo DS2500 Competition Brake Pads offer low and high speed braking efficiency, reduced stopping distances and a consistent brake pedal feel from the start.

Key Benefits:
  • Low noise / low dust
  • Long pad life
  • Kind on discs
  •  Race pedal feel

DS2500 pads offer a consistent coefficient of friction (0.42) at all temperatures

The DS2500 is one of the best hybrid street/track pads on the market. It features the moderately high bite and solid fade resistance of a track pad, with the relatively low dust and noise levels of a street pad. When used as a street pad, it can produce some squeal on certain vehicle platforms. During aggressive driving the DS2500 is known for its flat torque curve, which means as temperatures go up, the response through the brake pedal remains consistent. If you drive aggressively on the street, do some canyon runs, autoX, and maybe some light track duty on street tires, the DS2500 is tough to beat.

This new generation of friction material is very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal, whilst still providing low wear rates for discs and pads. Combined with low wheel dusting and good noise characteristics, this compound is the brake pad for the driver who demands the ultimate in track day braking performance.

Vehicle Fitment

ABARTH 500 / 595 / 695 (312_) 1.4 (312.AXF11) 08-
ABARTH 500 / 595 / 695 (312_) 1.4 (312.AXF1A) 10-
ABARTH 500 / 595 / 695 (312_) 1.4 (312.AXT1A) 08-
ABARTH 500C / 595C / 695C (312_) 1.4 (312.AXF11) 09-
ABARTH GRANDE PUNTO (199_) 1.4 (199.AXN1B) 07-10
ABARTH GRANDE PUNTO (199_) 1.4 (199.AXX1B) 07-12
ABARTH PUNTO (199_) 1.4 (199.AXX1B) 10-12
ABARTH PUNTO (199_) 1.4 (199.AXX1B) 08-12
ABARTH Punto EVO (199) 1.4 Supersport reg. 13-
ALFA ROMEO 4C (960) 1.8 TBi 13-
ALFA ROMEO MiTo(955) 1.4 TB 08-
ALFA ROMEO MiTo(955) 1.4 TB 09-
ALFA ROMEO MiTo(955) 1.4 TB 09-
OPEL ADAM Rallye Cup 12-
OPEL CORSA D 1.6 16v Turbo (OPC Nurburgring Edition) 11-
OPEL CORSA D 1.6 16v Turbo (OPC) 07-
OPEL CORSA E (X15) 1.6 Turbo (08, 68) 15-
RENAULT Clio III 2.0 i RS 06-
RENAULT Clio III 2.0 i RS 06-
RENAULT Clio R3 R3 08-08
RENAULT Clio R3 R3 09-
RENAULT Megane 2.0 T RS F1 Team R26 07-08
RENAULT Megane II 2.0 20i Sport 16V Turbo 04-
RENAULT Megane III Coupe (DZ0/1_) 2.0 R.S. 08-

Please note: If you have provided your VIN/Chassis number/Caliper Type then the majority of Ferodo Racing orders  are processed straight away, but occasionally some applications have to be special ordered, which can usually take up to 4 weeks. If there will be any delays with your order, you will be informed within 24 hours.

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