HG Motorsport Diverter Valve for Ford Focus RS MK3

HG Motorsport Diverter Valve for Ford Focus RS MK3


HG Motorsport

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HG Motorsport Diverter Valve for Ford Focus RS MK3

HF Series is the first contact when it comes to fresh air guide in vehicles. This brand HG - Motorsport has summarized the professional research and production of high-quality intake systems, charge air coolers and air ducting systems. In addition to the 3D scan of the vehicle include peripherals for perfect fit, also to combine a long series of tests to the optimum components for each model. This results legal street racing products.

The newly developed diverter valve for the Focus Mk3 RS not only has the advantage that the membrane no longer breaks like the standard valve, but it also relieves the turbocharger enormously.

In the original diverter valve the piston is only raised by 3mm, which only creates a small gap and the air flow is therefore limited. Special attention was paid to this during the development of the new valve and the piston is now raised by 8mm. This results in a significantly higher air flow, which allows the pressure to be reduced more quickly. Another advantage is the design of the piston. It is therefore no longer necessary to install different springs for different boost pressures.

Direct comparison:
               OEM:         HF-Series Valve:
Air flow:  39,5 cfm     56.5 cfm

A boost pressure of up to 5 bar can be achieved with this valve

Ford Focus RS MK3

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