Forge Blow Off Dump Valve Turbo Boost + Inlet Hose Honda Civic Type R FK2 RED


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Product Descriptions

FMKT023 - Boost Hoses

This kit comprises of four silicone hoses which will withstand greater temperatures and pressures compared with the OEM hoses plus they look fantastic. They replace the intercooler inlet and outlet, the turbo inlet and the throttle body inlet. These are all of the hoses in the boost circuit, with everything else being hard pipes.

FMINLH5 - Inlet Hose

Due to its location it really improves the looks of the engine compartment and removes any restriction of the OEM inlet hose, plus it maintains a constant diameter through its length and doesn’t neck down like the OEM hose does.

FMDV5A - Dump Valve

This valve and kit gives the customer the choice of installing it in combination with the recirculating OEM valve or on its own utilizing the supplied blanking plate. Developed and machined by Forge it features a robust twin piston design that allows for tuning with interchangeable springs.

Distributed by Haz Motorsport

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