Smart Fortwo 451 1.0 Brabus 07-14 120Hp Racechip XLR +App Throttle Pedal Box



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RaceChip XLR Connect – Change The Driving Dynamics To Your Driving Style

The RaceChip XLR has been designed to increase responsiveness on the road. The innovative throttle tuning system lets tune your engine’s reactions to your taste

The Racechip XLR Connect Kit Includes:

  • Racechip Brainbox
  • Racechip Controller
  • Racechip App control

Choose from 7 separate stages. You’ll love your car’s improved dynamics – we promise. 

Your engine’s performance isn’t affected by RaceChip XLR, but you can access it more immediately and directly. Experience significantly sharper responses for yourself – no waiting for the power to come through or frustrating “throttle lag”. The installation is very simple and requires no specialist knowledge. So click buy it now and try it now!

Why you should purchase the RaceChip XLR:

  • Better Sharper Throttle Response
  • Smartphone Connect Including App Control
  • TUV/MOT - No Official Approval Needed
  • Easy To Install - Simple Fitment
  • 7 Separate Tuning Settings - Performance to Economy
  • 2 Year Product Warranty

How RaceChip XLR works

The RaceChip XLR is installed between the throttle pedal sensor and the engine control unit. Depending on the XLR’s tuning stage, it either amplifes or reduces the signals sent by the throttle pedal sensor in accordance with characteristics defined by our engineers. The effect is that you can choose how your car reacts to your throttle inputs. 

7 Stages Each with Different Driving Characteristics:

  • 2 x Race Modes (R / R+)
  • 2 x Sport Modes (S / S+) 

In Sport/Race Modes the throttle is sharper speeding up the engine’s reaction times, making it as reactive as even a sportscar’s.1 x Normal Mode (N)

  • 1 x Normal Mode (N)

You can Normal Mode if don’t want or need to use XLR, and your car is back to stock tune.

  • 2 x Eco Modes ( E / E+)

In Eco Modes you can slow down the engine’s reaction to movements of the throttle. In heavy city traffic and on long journeys, this can help you reduce fuel consumption.

RaceChip XLR is available for any car equipped with an electronic throttle, regardless of whether the engine is naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, electric or hybrid.

*Please note: The majority of RaceChips are processed straight away, but occasionally some applications have to be special ordered which can usually take up to 5 working days. If there will be any delays in your order you will be informed within 24 hours.

*Buyer is 100% liable for checking fitment and purchasing the correct Racechip. As you can understand we assume you will know your own car better than us, Haz Motorsport will not be held liable if the wrong response control is purchased.

*Haz Motorsport Limited will not be held liable for any damages, repairs, losses and claims held or incurred by the consumer/buyer regards to any Racechip product or any vehicle the product is installed on. The Buyer acquires and accepts all responsibility when purchasing any Racechip products and agrees to all terms and conditions of this sale.

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