For MAZDA MX5 (Mk2) (NB) 1.8 (Sport) 01-05 EBC Front Greenstuff Brake Pads

For MAZDA MX5 (Mk2) (NB) 1.8 (Sport) 01-05 EBC Front Greenstuff Brake Pads


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EBC Greenstuff Front Brake Pad Set


Please send us your VIN/Chassis number for your vehicle after purchasing via an ebay message. This information is required so we can process the correct brakes for your vehicle. Without the VIN/Chassis number, your order will be put on hold for 48 hours. If we still do not receive a response for the required information after 48 hours your order will be canceled and a refund will be processed.

Please note Haz Motorsport will not be held liable for any delays due to not receiving the required VIN/Chassis number. 

Greenstuff Brake Pads Details:

Placement on Vehicle: Front, Right, Left
Brake Pad Type: Greenstuff
Notes: Check brake pad shape in drawing *3rd image It must match your current pad shape


It is essential to note that EBC offers three ranges of Greenstuff™ brake pads, engineered for each application.

  • Greenstuff™ 2000 series for sports compact and hot hatches
  • Greenstuff™ 6000 series for entry-level truck and SUV upgrade
  • Greenstuff™ 7000 low dust Truck and SUV Brakes

Greenstuff™ has once again pushed the performance barriers of organic friction materials. The latest version of Greenstuff™ brake pads is a deliberately softer compound to improve pedal feel on lighter cars at lower speeds. This resulted in a medium dust material with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.

Tests at the UK MIRA Motor Vehicle Research Institute have shown a version of Greenstuff™ to stop a car almost 20 feet quicker than original parts on a popular hot hatch braking from 60 MPH offering a huge 15% brake improvement.

Please note: If you have provided your VIN/Chassis number then the majority of EBC Brakes orders  are processed straight away, but occasionally some applications have to be special ordered, which can usually take up to 4 weeks. If there will be any delays in your order you will be informed within 24 hours

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