🚨 Audi S3 8V in for our Stage 1 ECU / Stage 2 TCU software

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There is a reason why our stage 1 ECU with the stage 2 TCU package is proving to be so popular. This package has been specifically designed for the MQB platform for people who are wanting a fast and reliable car with zero modifications required to get them started on there tuning journey.
Dont get it twisted performance parts are defenitly going to help our software reach its maximum potential, However £ for £ nothing will net you more power gains that stage1 ECU software. ⁠⁠
Umar's Audi S3 8V which was booked in last Friday for our special treatment should be back with us towards the end of the week for some dyno runs! keep your eyes peeled for what figures it achieves. ⁠⁠
MQB Tuning Packages -⁠⁠
*£750 Stage1 ECU/Stage2 TCU Package Price Inc Dyno runs!⁠⁠
*Only £250 to upgrade to Stage1+ or Stage2 ECU Software⁠⁠
*No need to upgrade TCU Software when going Stg1+ or Stg2⁠⁠
Drop us a DM or feel free to give us a call to discuss some of the best quality engineered performance parts and tuning software in the world!

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