Audi S3 8V Pre-FL (300PS) Tuning Software

Haz Motorsport MQB tuning software is dyno developed and has been tried and tested on numerous vehicles as you have most likely seen on our social media. We have progressive stages so you can tune your car safely from the stock 300hp/280 ft lb figure all the way to 500hp+ at Stage3!


Stage 1 - 355hp-380hp (hardware and fuel dependant)

Our MQB Stage1 software is a great first step to start your tuning journey. When choosing our ECU software you can expect anywhere from 355hp (Totally stock hardware) to 380hp (Inc Intake Modifications) and upto 375-400 ft-lbs torque. Our ECU software is based on 99Ron fuel for optimum perfomance gains aswell as engine longevity. If for any reason you would prefer to use 95Ron please inform us before hand so we can make the neccessary software changes. Zero modifications are required to go Stage1 with our MQB software. In order to get the best out of our calibrations, we advise to upgrade your stock intake system with one of our options below (See links of recommended hardware)


Stage 1 ECU Remap Time (3-4 hours)                     

£399.99 inc. VAT


Stage 1 Recommended Hardware

Intake Option - Racingline R600 Intake Kit


Stage 2 - DQ250 DSG/TCU Gearbox Software

When coupling our Stage1 ECU software with our Stage2 TCU software which features increased torque limits, We have the ability to offer our high torque ECU calibration which will be sure to leave a smile on your face.


Stage 2 TCU Remap Time (extra 1 hour)

£349.99 inc. VAT


Option to upgrade our ECU Software To Stage 2

At a later date if you decide you want more power you can take advantage of our upgrade scheme. When upgrading your ECU Software from Stage1 to Stage2 you will not have to pay the total amount for Stage 2 software again but just the upgrade price (please note TCU software is priced seperate)

£249.99 inc. VAT



Stage 2 - 385hp-420hp (hardware and fuel dependant)

Our MQB Stage2 software is when things get more exciting! When choosing our Stage2 ECU software you can expect anywhere from 385-420hp and upto 395-430 ft-lbs torque depending on hardware setup/weather conditions etc. Our Stage2 software is setup for 99Ron fuel which will give us the best chance to extract optimum peformance from your car. We also have an opportunity at Stage2 to make some extra noise with our burbles/crackles pops and bangs option. Our crackle map is activated in Race/Dynamic mode when the Gearbox is in the sports option. When in Efficiency/Comfort mode the Gearbox setting will be in Normal/Comfort and this option dimenishes the pops and bangs so you can drive in peace if you are not in the mood to cause havoc and switch back and forth with the touch of a button cycling through the driving modes.


Stage 2 ECU & TCU Remap Time (4-5 hours)  

£799.99 inc. VAT

Stage 2 Required Hardware
Intake Option -
Downpipe Option - 

Optional/Recommended Hardware
Intercooler -
Spark Plugs - 
Ignition Coils -

Stage 3 - 480hp-570hp (hardware and fuel dependant)

Please contact us for more information on our Stage3 Packages.


Stage 3 ECU & TCU Remap Time (48-72 hours)

                                          Prices start from £999.99 inc. VAT



Please note that our quoted figures are based on 99 octane pump fuel without any additives.

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