Ferodo Racing DS2500 Front Brake Pads FCP1773H (Please check brake pad shape)

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Motorsport Disclaimer

Exhaust Modification:

The use of de-cats, sports cats are for motorsport and off-road use only. Using these parts would inhibit your vehicle from passing a MOT test. Only EC type-approved components are legal and fit for road use.

Some sports catalyst versions replace factory emission devices and are not EC homologated. This may not meet current emission laws for road use in your country/territory. When purchasing a sports cat, you take full responsibility to abide by the law in your country.

Any products/ranges that we supply that remove the original OPF/PPF/GPF Filter are for motorsport and off-road use only and may not pass current emission laws.

Braking Upgrades:

Some brake pads we supply are designed for motorsport/off road use and do not have ECE-R90 certification; it is therefore not recommended for road use in those countries which require ECE-R90 approval. The customer takes full responsibility for checking the brake components purchased meet current regulation in their country if they intend to use the vehicle on public roads. 

*This product is sold for Off Road/Racetrack Use Only
(for use in motorsport and competition racing only)
Please abide by the governing laws in your respective country.