Forge Universal Blow Off Dump Valve Kit 50mm (2") Aluminium Piston Purple Valve


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Forge Universal Blow Off Dump Valve Kit 50mm (2") Aluminium Piston Purple Valve

*Please Note - This listing is for the purple valve.

Product Description
This valve is the largest displacement valve that Forge currently produce. The unique design features a 50mm (2”) aluminium piston (meaning no issues with split diaphragms). As we endeavour to continue our innovation, existing products are no exception. Therefore, we have now released the all new version of “FMDVRAY.” It has been difficult to improve upon this market leading design, but we have done just that.

In the Box

  • 1x FMDVRAYV2
  • 1x Clamp-on Boss 
  • 1x V-Band Clamp
  • 1x Forge Motorsport Key Ring


  • Improved external aesthetics
  • Utilising world leading Eibach springs for more precise operation and consistency
  • A myriad of incremental engineering enhancements to all internal components have been carried out to offer faster response times and longer service intervals
  • The piston uses heat stabilised Viton O-rings
  • Lubricated with high temperature Mobil1 grease to ensure a long life with minimal wear and very long service intervals
  • A super durable and responsive aluminium piston
  • A fully serviceable valve that is rebuildable in minutes
  • Available in anodised black or anodised purple 
  • Ideal for custom installations using the aluminium weld on coupler and clamp provided
  • Covered by the unique Forge Lifetime Warranty*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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