GFB Respons Blow Off Dump Valve For Subaru Impreza WRX/STI 99-00 Forester T9000


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Go Fast Bits Response TMS

Response TMS Details

Part No. T9000
Weight: 0.6 kg
Dimensions: 6.5 x3.1 x 6.9
Note:  RESPONS TMS (WRX/STi MY99-00, B4 Legacy, GT/XT Forester MY98-04)


GFB Respons TMS valve features both the GFB patented adjustable bias venting system, and the GFB TMS advantage. The TMS range from GFB is designed specifically for the purpose of turbo lag reduction and improving throttle response. Tests show TMS features can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears. Want sound? Admit it, you do - otherwise you wouldn t be looking at this product! Even if you only want to hear it a little bit, only some of the time, or hide it from your better half, GFB's unique patented venting bias adjustment system has you covered - it allows the amount of air vented to atmosphere or recirc to be infinitely varied to change the sound from silent to ear-shattering or anywhere in between, with a simple flick of the wrist! " Unique adjustment to easily change distribution of vented air between recirculating and atmosphere ports. " Great for cars with sensitive air flow meters as it can be tuned to vent just enough air back to the inlet to prevent backfiring, whilst achieving a blow-off sound. " Direct bolt-on fitment NO extra parts, adaptors, or modifications to the car required just take the factory valve off, and put the GFB Respons TMS in its place! " Excellent value! These unique products manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 can deliver performance with as much or as little noise as you like; with the GFB Respons TMS you CAN achieve a blow-off sound without throwing a CEL, running rich, stalling, using more fuel or causing any other problems commonly associated with atmosphere-venting valves on cars with MAF sensors.

Vehicle Fitment
Vehicle Year Drive Type Engine Codes
Subaru Forester SF 2.0 S Turbo 170HP SUV 98-01 All-wheel Drive EJ20
Subaru Forester SF 2.0 S Turbo 177HP SUV 01-02 All-wheel Drive EJ205
Subaru Forester SG 2.0 S Turbo 177HP SUV 02-05 All-wheel Drive EJ20
Subaru Forester SG 2.5 211HP SUV 03-08 All-wheel Drive EJ25
Subaru Impreza GC 2.0 AWD 280HP Saloon 98-00 All-wheel Drive EJ205P
Subaru Impreza GC 2.0 Turbo GT 4WD 218HP Saloon 98-00 All-wheel Drive EJ205
Subaru Impreza GF 2.0 Turbo GT 4WD 218HP Estate 98-00 All-wheel Drive EJ205
Subaru Impreza GFC 2.0 AWD 280HP Coupé 98-00 All-wheel Drive EJ205P
Subaru Liberty MK III 2.0 AWD 280HP Saloon 02-03 All-wheel Drive EJ205P
Subaru Liberty MK III 2.0 RSK AWD 260HP Saloon 00-03 All-wheel Drive EJ206

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