HG Motorsport Blue Silicone Intake Hose for Ford Focus ST MK3

HG Motorsport Blue Silicone Intake Hose for Ford Focus ST MK3


HG Motorsport

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HG Motorsport Blue Silicone Intake Hose for Ford Focus ST MK3

Our silicone hoses of SF-Hoses offer the perfect solution for the replacement of original hoses in all areas.
Whether for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, or in general use around combustion engines - our silicone works as water, pressure or suction hoses.
Often the problem with original hoses is that they become porous due to daily stress, which can lead to cracking or even bursting.

The multi-layer, fabric-reinforced silicone of SF-Hoses not only improves the visual appearance, but also, for example, better response behaviour, higher pressure resistance and a durability that is hard to beat.

Furthermore, these hoses are temperature resistant up to approx. 220°C, pressure stable up to approx. 6 bar and can be used in almost all areas, as they are available in diameters from 6mm to 127mm, as straight hoses or in angles from 45° to 180°. All these factors make every article of SF-Hoses a top product, which should not be missing in any vehicle.

This intake hose the perfect solution to improve the response, to disable the resonator or to prevent power losses, which are caused by porous or overloaded serial hoses. Even with the factory power output, the original pressure hoses are pushed through high engine compartment temperatures and the constant pressure fluctuations caused by the load change at its load limit.

In addition, then aging the original hoses and/ or boost pressure increases as a result of performance improvements come added, which can lead to leaks and power loss to motor damage.
Our pressure hoses can prevent this effect and also mobilize even power reserves, because the hoses can not expand even at high boost pressures and thus to promote a lower filling volume from the turbocharger. This leads to a significantly better response.

Connections: 2x90mm

- The manufacturer is certified and guaranteed for quality
- Due to the production, these products have a much longer life than the original parts
- Easy exchange against the original hose
- Heat-resistant and more durable than Series Tubes
- Better look in the engine compartment

Ford Focus ST MK.3

**Please note: The majority of HG Motorsport products are processed straight away, but occasionally some applications have to be special ordered which can take upto a maximum of 2/3 weeks for delivery as the products come from Germany. If there will be any delays in your order you will be informed within 24-48 hours.

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