HG Motorsport Diverter Valve Conversion Kit Audi S3 8P Golf MK6 R Leon Cupra 1M


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HG Motorsport Diverter Valve Conversion Kit Audi S3 8P VW Golf MK6 R Seat Leon Cupra 1M - 2.0 TFSI Transverse Engines

HF Series is the first contact when it comes to fresh air guide in vehicles. This brand HG - Motorsport has summarized the professional research and production of high-quality intake systems, charge air coolers and air ducting systems. In addition to the 3D scan of the vehicle include peripherals for perfect fit, also to combine a long series of tests to the optimum components for each model. This results legal street racing products.

Back pressure is diverted directly before the throttle pipe. As our ventil sits right after the intercooler, only cold air is in circulation. On many engines the SUV is in front of the intercooler, so there is just hot air in circulation.

The OEM valve is installed directly in the turbocharger, and usually over time it´s getting so damaged through the constant exposure to heat, that it will start to leak. A leaky valve will lead to impaired responsiveness and power losses, which isn´t noticed immediately in most cases, since the damage is insidious and does not occur suddenly. As a result, you´ll get used to a bad nascent response and power loss.

With this conversion kit, the valve can be moved to a cooler region, thereby this is giving you the advantage that it does not suffer from heat-related damage anymore and also that cooler air is recirculated into the intake system. The cooler the air, the higher the density of the intake air and the higher the density, the better the filling cylinder, whereby a higher efficiency is achieved. The silicone-color of the optional conversion kits can be supplied in blue, red or black.

Vehicle Fitment
  • 2.0 TFSI / TSI Transverse Engines

*For installation you will need an intake pipe incl diverter vale connection and at vehicles without noise amplifier

**Please note: The majority of HG Motorsport products are processed straight away, but occasionally some applications have to be special ordered which can take upto a maximum of 2/3 weeks for delivery as the products come from Germany. If there will be any delays in your order you will be informed within 24-48 hours.

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