HG Motorsport HFI Carbon Fibre V.2 Plus Air Intake Kit for VW Polo 2.0 R/WRC 6R


HG Motorsport

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HG Motorsport HFI Carbon Fibre V.2 Plus Air Intake Kit for VW Polo 2.0 R / WRC 

HF Series is the first contact when it comes to fresh air guide in vehicles. This brand HG - Motorsport has summarized the professional research and production of high-quality intake systems, charge air coolers and air ducting systems. In addition to the 3D scan of the vehicle include peripherals for perfect fit, also to combine a long series of tests to the optimum components for each model. This results legal street racing products.

This intake system is made of carbon fibre with a special filter element, which is especially developed only for this system. It´s a DRY-Pipercross Air Filter, which is not lubricated, so it doesn´t cause a damage at the air mass meter. This Intake system holds a huge advantage over all other aftermarket intakes by maximising the amount of cool air entering the turbos improving your vehicles performance.

Direct Comparison
OEM          = 195,5 cfm
HFI V2       = 312,7 cfm
HFI V2plus = 376,9 cfm

  • Carbon Airbox V.2 "Plus"
  • PiperCross Air Filter
  • Black coated Aluminum intake Pipe
  • Mounting material (Clamps, Black hoses,...)

  • VW Polo 2.0 R / WRC Models Only

Distributed By Haz Motorsport

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