HG Motorsport Upgraded Additional Watercooler for Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

HG Motorsport Upgraded Additional Watercooler for Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG


HG Motorsport

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HG Motorsport Upgraded Additional Watercooler for Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG
HF-Series is the first contact in fresh air guidance at vehicles.  With this brand HG-Motorsport summarized the professional research of high quality air intakesystems, intercooler and air piping systems. This includes, in addition to vehicle 3D scan for perfect accuracy, long term trials to produce the optimal tuning parts for each model.  This results legal street racing products.

If you´re increasing the perfomance of your car by chiptuning, the charge air pressure will increase in 99% of the cases. The use of the standard charge air cooler increases the load pressure loss exponentially. This means that the turbocharger has to work even more and the thermal load on the turbocharger increases, the running time drops or is weakened by the high speeds of the turbocharger. With our HF-Series intercoolers, we create the perfect balance between cooling effect and charge air pressure loss.

The high-quality and extremely robust watercooler core, which is used in this Series, have the best cooling efficiency to be able to provide the best performance even under bad conditions. They are distinguished by their high resistance and excellent heat conduction, which means that these intercoolers doesn´t heat up as much as comparable products of other manufacturers.

The Advantages, if Your Installing an Upgrade Cooler?
To name an accurate performance increasement, which results by installing an upgrade cooler in numbers, many unknown factors, like: further hardware changes, as well as the engine software you are using, have to be determined, because this is different from vehicle to vehicle.  As a rule of thumb for ECU remapped engines, you can expect up to 5% - 10%. But what at least also as important is: Regardless whether your ECU is already remapped or if it isn´t, upgrade intercoolers preventing a loss of performance at worse conditions, like high outside temperatures or even to reach the temperature protection of your engine. So you will be always able to count on the full power of it.

Technical Details:
  • Length: 630mm
  • Height: 140mm
  • Depth: 30mm (AS30)
  • Volume: about 0,8L water

  • Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

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