Racingline High-Flow Panel Air Filter - Golf 7 - 1.2TSI 1.4TSI

Racingline High-Flow Panel Air Filter - Golf 7 - 1.2TSI 1.4TSI


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Racingline VWR11G714 High-Flow Panel Air Filter - Golf 7 - 1.2TSI 1.4TSI

Set your MQB 1.2/1.4 engine free by allowing it to breathe better and operate more efficiently.


Looking for a simple, warranty-friendly upgrade for your car?  Our High-Flow Panel Air Filter for the Golf 7, Audi A3, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia and the other MQB-platform cars using the 1.2 and 1.4 TSI engine replaces the restrictive factory paper filters with an improved, high flow and reusable lifetime triple-layer Trifoam® filter. Put simply, it’s the best Panel Air Filter you can buy.  

OEM-standards of design, quality, materials and construction, hand-made in the UK. Fits like a factory part; lasts like a factory part.  Allow your engine to breathe better and operate more efficiently – improve the engine’s airflow, and power and fuel economy gains will follow.  By removing the inevitable restrictions that the standard paper panel filter gives, this Panel Filter allows a small but worthwhile increase in airflow through to the turbo.

Trifoam® filter construction, triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam.  A laser-cut aluminium framework, surrounded by a foam seal to provide an airtight seal against the standard airbox.

An exceptionally high level of filtration – the very same technology as some F1 engines use.  Our tests have shown that it delivers an additional 12NM of torque on a standard 1.4 TSI engine. A small but worthwhile difference in mid-range power.

Vehicle Fitment

VW Golf 7 2012+ 5G
Audi A3 2012+ 8V
SEAT Leon III 2012+ 5F 
Skoda Octavia III 2013+ 5E

Distributed By Haz Motorsport

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