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After over a year of testing we’re delighted to bring you a global first: Carbon Ceramic brake rotors specific to the MQB platform. Not only is each disc close to half the weight of the factory rotor, the kit is packed with motorsport-inspired features including our forged Stage 3 monoblock calipers and matched ceramic pad compound.

The 380mm rotor construction interweaves discontinuous carbon fibre to form a 3D multi-directional matrix. This gives significant benefits even over traditional carbon-ceramic products. Simply astonishing stopping performance, again and again and again.

  • With triple the heat capacity of steel brakes, the repeatability of the stopping power is exceptional, and unlike any steel rotor brake kit can deliver
  • Despite this performance, our Stage 3+ Carbon Kit is perfect for daily usage, with good pedal response from cold
  • The CCM discs weigh in at nearly half the mass of the (much smaller) factory cast iron ones. Each carbon disc weighs 5.7kg (12.6lb) vs 10.4kg (22.9lb) for the factory Golf 7R / S3 disc
  • The lightweight Forged Monoblock calipers are the same as our beautiful Stage 3 kit - using a one-piece construction that starts out from an ultra-strong forged billet

Kit Includes:

  • Monoblock Front Brake Calipers (Pair)
  • Caliper Mounting Brackets (Pair)
  • Full Mounting Bolt Kit
  • Braided Steel Front Brake Line Set
  • Carbon Ceramic Compatible Brake Pad Set (Fast Road Use)
  • 380mm Fully Floating 2 Piece Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs (Pair)
  • 380mm kit will fit under 19" Alloy Wheels
  • Factory 19" wheels and other brands may require spacers
  • Racingline and Neuspeed 19" wheels will not require Spacers
  • When using this kit on Track, it is important to remove the dust boots from the caliper pistons.
Distributed by Haz Motorsport

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