SuperPro IRS Adjusting Camber and Toe Kit for VW Transporter T4 90-03

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  • Description
  •  SuperPro IRS Adjusting Camber and Toe Kit for VW Transporter T4 90-03

    Kit includes:
    • 8 x Polyurethane Bushes
    • 4 x Steel Tubes
    Over the last 18 months SuperPro has endeavoured to develop a performance product that is the ideal solution to increase negative camber for the VAG MQB platform vehicles. Made from cast aluminium and featuring SuperPro's unique polyurethane to keep it securely but comfortably located, this part gives 1 degree of extra camber adjustment using the top-mount. It's been designed to work with OE suspension (including damptronic OE dampers) and aftermarket coilovers.

    Added to this, the low-maintenance feature of its products, increased life of adjoining components and improved tyre-wear, means that SuperPro bushes represent excellent value for money. And, as if that wasn't enough, each product is backed-up with the company's unique three-year/36,000-mile warranty.
    • Improved handling and stability
    • Reduced rear tyre wear
    • Fits existing suspension arms without modification
    • No increase in vibration and Road noise
    Alignment Correction. Provides 0.5 to 1 Degree of Camber Adjustment

    Distributed by Haz Motorsport